Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Mission Begins

Clinic at Maranones
Fr. John
It's late on Sunday afternoon and we are getting ready to go to the Cathedral for Mass. You will hear about that in the morning (If the internet is running).  Work began at allof the clinics, the hospital and the construction sites.  I headed out with Emmet Guillory, the head of the Evangelization team to Maranones and Las Leonesto be present at the clinics and construction sites there and to have initial contact with the people. It was a very moving experience. At Maranones a woman asked me for Confession. She came with her little baby in arms. Afterwards she asked me if there was a medicine for her baby. I led her to some of the nurses who were with us and yes, thaey had what she needed.  The smile on her face said a million words.  In Los Leones at the dental clinic I came to appreciate the many crowns in my mouth as I realized that because of the level of dental hygiene many teeth simply had to be extracted. People were grateful for that because many of them had been living in pain for quite a while.  I will let pictures tell the rest of the story.  Just keep scrolling down

People waiting at Los Leones clinic

games for children


Preparing dental patients

Dentists at work

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