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Would You "Hang Out" With Jesus?

The Christmas Feasts are over and we return for a while (until Lent) to ordinary time, the ordered cycle of Sundays which call us to reflect on the many dimensions of our following of Jesus.  Fittingly enough we begin at the beginning of Jesus ministry. He has been baptized in the Jordan and now He sets about calling his first disciples, Andrew and Simon Peter.

   This year we have the version of that call given to us by John. (John 1:35-42) In the synoptic Gospels Jesus calls them to leave their nets and follow Him.  John gives us another dimension of this call. In John,  Andrew and another disciple overhear John the Baptist's "Behold the Lamb of God" statement and followed Jesus.  Jesus asks what they are looking for.  They ask Him, "Where are you staying?"  Jesus' answer is "Come, and you will see."  We are then told that they spent a day with Jesus.  What a day that must have been!

   What are we to make of this invitation? What does it say…

A Look Back at the 60's

The title of this post might suggest that I want to look back at the decade of the 1960's.  Not so, though that decade was a significant one in my life since I graduated from high school, entered the Franciscans, took my vows as a Franciscan and wrestled with my place in my Church and my country in a good way.

   The 60's I speak of here are the years that span from 2004-2014, the decade in which I passed from 60-70 years old.  Many things happened in my world during this time.  Boston sports teams enjoyed incredible success.  Three different popes lead the Church and 2 presidents the country. Terrorism and tragedy continually hit the news. But I do not write of these things either.  I write of what happened in my own personal life because these ten years have been a time of grace and blessing.  They were not easy years, far from it, but the graces and blessings came precisely from the challenges.

     In chronological order the following events mark this decade:

    1. In…