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Out of Silence, Bread Blessed and Broken

It has been a few weeks since I posted on this blog.  I have not felt inspired to write even though I have had any number of thoughts about things such as the upcoming election, violence on our streets, terrorism, etc., etc.  Many others have spoken on these topics, some in a very  insightful manner, others just ranting and raving from both the left and the right.  Quite frankly I have been dumbfounded by it all, but nonetheless carrying all of this and all of the suffering involved into prayer.
   Suffering.  Inspired by pope Francis and his reflections on mercy I am starting more and more to look at every situation and every person not first of all by are they right or wrong, though that is important, but by how they are suffering.  It is by accompanying then in their pain and suffering that they are possibly lead to Christ.  This applies to individuals as well as to groups.  It is unhealed pain and suffering that leads to irrational outbursts of anger and to violence.  We can and …