Friday, June 15, 2012

Down the Homestretch with the Mission

 We're beginning our last workday in Honduras and it has been one incredible week.  At left is a little video clip with me talking to the kids on Wednesday, part of the plays I referred to in the last post. Yesterday I went back to Maranones for an encuentro.  That went very well.  The big moment however was the dedication of the new church there. An anonymous donor from Little Rock contributed the money for it.  The people in Maranones worked hard to have it set up and the construction team from our mission group put it up in record time. There are still some details to finish but it was ready for the encuentro and for the Mass of dedication.

Electrical work in new church
I must say that I was truly humbled and felt privileged to be the first one to celebrate Mass there.  Fr. Felipe did the actual dedication and I presided at the Mass and preached.  The Church was filled with local people and with missionaries. There was a sign over the altar that said "Bienvenidos  hermanos de Arkansas."  "Welcome r brothers and sisters from Arkansas."   You can see that in one of the pictures below.

New Church, not quite finished

People waiting at the clinic

Below--the construction in progress with local help, even the kids. The floor was laid on the day before the encuentro and Mass.  The people there chose the name of Church of the Visitation in honor of Mary, the first to evangelize.


 At left the Evangelization Team is introduced before the encuentro

At left the welcome sign above the altar.

                                                                 At right, a nice full Church

Below you see Fr. Felipe sprinkling Holy water on building and its living stones, the people, Fr.John presiding at Mass and later blessing the encuentro participants.

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