Friday, June 8, 2012

Arrival in Honduras

Dinner at Christopher Columbus Hotel
Boarding Bus at San Pedro Sula airport
On the way

 It was a long day. We met at the Little Rock airport at 4:30 AM and arrived in San Pedro Sula, Honduras around 11 AM.  After getting something to eat at the airport we left on a 6 hour bus ride. It was long and tiring but it gave this writer a chance to reflect.  This is a group of truly dedicated, but also fun-loving people.  The mission is mufti-faceted--medical, with several clinic sites and a hospital site. Likewise there are dental and eye clinics.  There is a construction team as well as a team of teenagers/ I am on the evangelization team.  We will be visiting clinics and hospitals as well as leading encuentros n various villages.

   As we traveled along i was struck by the beautiful scenery with high mountains, lush tropical vegetation, as well as farm land.  I saw people working hard at various trades and observed that beautiful as the land is that it is a very poor country with people walking and riding bicycles, though there were certainly many cars on the road. We had a great meal at the Christopher Columbus hotel where we are staying. 

  Tomorrow is a day of preparation and getting ready to greet the rest of the team who arrive tomorrow evening. On Sunday we get down to work.Stay ready to hear more news. When the sun rises I will get more pictures of the area.

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