Saturday, June 9, 2012

Honduras--Settling In

Trujillo Bay from my room
  The sun rises early here (about 5 AM) and so many of us were awake then.  I slept really well last night and got up to look out and see that our hotel is right on the beach overlooking Trujillo Bay.
Enjoying breakfast

   Today will be a relaxing day but one filled with anticipation. Tonight we will have Mass after the rest of the team arrives. Some in the group will tour a local hot springs location this afternoon, others will rest up and be ready to get going tomorrow. Our evangelization team will be visitng three sites tomorrow and meeting with people in the towns where later in the week we will be conducting "encuentros".  There will also be a special Mass with the bishop tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon.  I will say more about that down the road.  I am taking advantage today for the opportunity to mingle and to get to know the wonderful people who make up our missionary team. 
Some of us enjoyed a walk together
More of the gang at breakfast

You may notice the white T-shirts. They are our "uniforms" when we go out. This year they say "Jesus, El Buen Pastor" or Jesus the Good Shepherd, this years theme.

On most days it will be an effort to post once. Today I hope to post again with pictures of our Mass after the rest of the gang arrives.

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