Wednesday, June 10, 2015

More Action in Honduras

Many of you may not be aware that our mission has several sites.  Fortunately Scott Pursley, one of the missionaries, sends me pictures from different sites.  Also, you may remember yesterday's picture of the washed up road.  Later in the day our team from Santa Fe got stuck because of heavy rains.Fortunately they were eventually able to cross the waters and get back home safely. Later today we will be blessing a refurbished Church and visiting the Finca De Los Ninos orphange, celebrating Mass there.

Once again let the pictures tell the story.

People lining up at Carney clinic

Testing blood sugar.  Diabetes is rampant here

Wonderful Honduran children with one of our school team members

Working with children is an important part of the mission

Scott and some local "delegados"

Praying at Los Leones clinic with waiting patients

Mother with child getting help

Encuentro Mass

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