Saturday, June 6, 2015

Back in Honduras

Looking out to Trujillo Bay from Hotel (2013)
 For the fourth year in a row I am participating in the mission trip sponsored by Christ the King Parish in Little Rock, Arkansas.  The journey here began yesterday morning in Tampa with flights to Houston and then to San Pedro Sula, Honduras, followed by a six hour bus ride to Trujillo.

 As I traveled I was aware that I was coming to familiar territory.  I know many of the missionaries and I know many of the Honduran people.It is much different than the first time I came here.  This experience is now something that I am committed to for as long as I am able to do so.
 The missionaries are a wonderful group--doctors,nurses, dentists, eye-doctors, construction team and teenage volunteers, as well me and the other members of the evangelization team. We have no illusions about changing everything in this very poor country, but we do know that we are making  a difference.
   One half of the team arrived last night and the rest will come tonight and be welcomed with a Mass and a fine dinner here at the Christopher Columbus Hotel.

   Today's a day for setting up and getting ready to go full steam ahead tomorrow.  Below are some pictures from this first day:

The Long Bus Ride

A hungry crowd after a long journey

This donkey left us a "gift."
Los Leones team preparing to set up clinic    

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