Sunday, June 7, 2015

Getting to Work in Honduras

At Mass in Maranones Seminarian Martin Seibold is serenaded for his 26th birthday

In the days ahead I will not be writing much.  I will let the pictures speak for themselves.Everyone arrived last night and we celebrated Mass and had a nice dinner followed by much needed rest to get ready for Sunday. On Sunday work began in full at the various clinic and hospital sites.

Leadership Team Meeting

Exploring the beach by our hotel

Missionary choir

Celebrating Eucharist at Hotel

Deacon don Greenway, Fr. John Anglin, Martin (seminarian)

Arriving at Los Maranones to Celebrate Mass

Sylvia, leadeer at Los Leones Clinic.

Signing in at Dental Clinic in Los Leones

Dentists getting instruments ready

A brave boy getting teeth removed
Gathering for Corpus Christi Mass Los Maranones

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