Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Living Faith in Honduras

Concelebrating with Fr. Felipe in SantaFE
   The past two days have been a real blessing here in Honduras. I have had the privilege of participating in two "encuentros", formation sessions for the lay leaders of the local communities here.  During the sessions a lesson prepared by Fr. Felipe Lopez, the local priest, is shared.   The floor is open for discussionb of the various points in the lesson.  The sharing of the participants has been tremendous, revealing a deep-seated faith rooted in their lived experience and daily struggles. The picture here show  the Mass at the Cathedral on Sunday night and some scenes from the encuentro at the community of Santa Fe.
Mass at the Cathedral

Praying the Rosary

Fr. Felipe commissioning catechists and delegates at the end of Mass
The Santa Fe community is made up largely of Garifuna people. Those who saw this blog last year may remember that they are a people of African descent whose wandering history from slavery to settlement on a remote Island to the coast of Central America is quite interesting and inspiring. They are Hondurans who at the same time have maintained their native culture. The video clip below shows them singing during the encuentro.

 By the way my luggage and all of the lost luggacd arrived OK. Looking forward to the visit tomorrow to the Finca de los ninos, a local orphanage run by Franciscan sisters.

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