Monday, June 10, 2013

Getting to work in Honduras

Dental team loading up to head to a clinic site
Just as I was preparing a blog journal entry yesterday the internet went down, so let me today tell the story with pictures and few words. yesterday, Sunday, our evangelization team visited two of the sites where we will be conducting encuentros (formation sessions for local lay leaders.  The evangelization part is integrated with the medical so we got to witness the work of the fine doctors,nurses and desntists who are here.

This morning I went with seminarian Joseph Friend to visit the hospital and give the Annointing of the Sick to patients awaiting surgery. then it was on to the town of Maranones to spend the day visiting clinic patients, visiting homebound people and joining with local priest Felipe Lopez in conducting an encuentro there.

Joe Friend engaging local kids outside the Los leones clinic

Patients waiting at Los Leones
Surrical team getting ready at Trujillo hospital
Medicines being dispensed at Maranones clinic
On site evangelization team praying with patients at Maranones
A ladder that cannot be bought at Home Depot and a produce sales truck

Patient "waiting room" at Maranones

  More pictures to follow, taken by others, that include myself in action will follow.

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