Saturday, July 21, 2012

Triumph Over Tragedy

  It is a Saturday afternoon and I am preparing to preside at the wedding of my niece Michelle and her fiancee' Kevin. I am filled with joy over the prospect of doing that and over being with family and friends for a joyful celebration afterwards.

  At the same time I am saddened over the senseless and insane tragedy that happened last night in Aurora, CO with a deranged gunman going into a movie theater and killing at least 14 people and injuring others.  I will not try and analyze why such evil takes place. To do so would place it within the realm of the rational, a place that it does not deserve.

  With all the bad news that seems to emanate from Church circles these days I thought that the message given by the bishops of Colorado and the support that the Church there is giving the victims is very encouraging and is a wonderful expression of how the Church can be at its best when things in the world are at their worst. Among other things one of the bishops cited Paul's letter to the Romans which says that "nothing can separate us from the love of God".  Evil will happen not only now, but until the end of time.  God does not abandon us at times like this but rushes in to comfort and strengthen, especially does God rush in through those who bring love in God's name.

   This brings me back to today's wedding. I will certainly have another blog post to report on the wonderful events that will take place.  The one thing I want to say now is that what Kevin and Michelle and every couple who decides to marry are saying, among other things, is that all of the evil, pain and suffering in the world cannot stop them from loving each other.  It is a small way of claiming that love conquers all, that in the end, real though it is, evil will not prevail.  In the future when they bring children into the world they will be saying that yes, we will have children, even in spite of all that is wrong in the world, because we believe that our love for each other and for them will make a difference in the world.

   And so for Kevin, Michelle and every couple I say, "Just keep on loving." The world needs it.

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  1. Father John,
    Best to Michelle and Kevin and prayers for God's healing presence in the lives of the victims and families of the horrific tragedy in Colorado.
    Pat Andaloro