Monday, July 23, 2012

Kevin and Michelle's Wedding--Some Personal Thoughts

Their First Dance

   What a weekend it was!  As my regular blog readers know by now I have been in Boston to preside at the marriage of Kevin and Michelle (my niece) Donahue.  Words cannot describe what it meant to me to celebrate that great day.  To be Michelle's uncle and to be able to perform the ceremony was something really special.

   More that at any other wedding I've attended or performed there were certain aspects of a marriage ceremony that I felt throughout the whole experience.  I remember Christmas of 2011. They had been engaged or just a month and I blessed their engagement at  my brother's home.  Kevin's mother, Ruth Ann, was there, as well as my family. With that there was the realization that two families were coming together. The rehearsal dinner last week and the wedding Mass and reception added to that.  The two families are indeed off to a good start. 
Michelle and Kevin

   A wedding is also a bridge between past, present and future.  As I met with the newlyweds several times over the past year there was much discussion not only of their past, but of the deceased members of our families.  There was a certain sadness over the fact that some of them could not be there, but also a deep appreciation of what Kevin, Michelle and all of us had received from them.  As for the future that was brought home at the post wedding brunch on Sunday morning.  Kevin and Michelle appeared with Red Sox shirts.  His had the name Donahue on the back and hers said Mrs. Donahue.  She's not Michelle Anglin anymore. She's Michelle Donahue. I like that, but I'll have to get used to saying it.  It says that something new is beginning.  It says this is how we're moving into the future.

   After all the preparations were made the wedding Mass was celebrated this past Saturday afternoon, July 21, 2012.  As I stood at the head of the center aisle and the doors in the back opened, framing the image of my brother Michael and the beautiful bride Michelle my eyes watered immediately.  Everything that this wonderful event was about came into focus. My brother's eyes were tearier than mine. After all we Anglins are incurable romantics.  I composed myself and the Mass began. Everything about it was extra special for me.  I'm planning eventually to have a video clip of the homily and marriage vows, but for now I'll just share that I ended the homily with some lines from the musical, Les Miserable. The words are spoken between a dying father and his daughter, but they certainly apply to a marriage and to husbands and wives in general.  they go like this, "Take my hand and lead me to salvation. Take my love, for love is everlasting. And remember the truth that once was spoken, 'To love another person is to see the face of God.' "

   It is my prayer for Kevin, Michelle and every married couple that they see the face of God in each other every day of their lives.  I got choked up saying those words as well.  

   One final note. You may wonder why there are no pictures here from the church.  Those will follow. After all I couldn't very well pull out my camera during the Mass.

Above:a clip of Mr. and Mrs Kevin Donahue being presented at the wedding reception.
A true Red Sox Fan

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