Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Road to Redemption

Thisis not a theological treatment of redemption but rather a reflection on a wonderful and moving experience that I had last week here at St. Peter's parish.

This past Tuesday evening I attended a book signing, video and discussion led by Elma Shaw. The book title was Redemption Road: The Quest for Peace and Justice in Liberia (A Novel). A video entitled The Road to Redemption (not fiction, very true and real), on which the novel was based, was shown, followed by a lively discussion.

I like to think of myself as well read and aware of world affairs. I was broadly aware of the civil war that had been raging for years in Liberia, but the book, video and above all the discussion led by Elma made it all so very real. Not only did we become more aware of the complex set of political, social and economic factors that brought about the fighting, but most especially the horrible pain and suffering caused by this war and the need for the healing of people's lives in the wake of this terrible ordeal.

In this forum I won't go into any more detail about his horrible ordeal suffered by the people of Liberia, but simply make the point that as Christians, as members of the Body of Christ, we need to become aware of what's happening not only in Liberia, but in so many places around the world that we don't hear about. We all know a least a little bit about Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, etc, but what about so many countries whose ills and sufferings don't impact our country as deeply as these places? We need to keep them in prayer and do what we can (and sometimes there perhaps is not much we can do) to support efforts for peace and justice.

I suggest that those who read this blog entry look at the map of Africa, Asia, South America. Pick a country and Google it. See what comes up. Take an interest. Join an organization which helps. Write to a senator or congressman.

Thank you Elma for your book and your work. Let us pray for and support the people of Liberia. Let's support suffering people's everywhere.

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