Monday, July 20, 2009

Relay for Life

Hello one and all.

On August 7 & 8 I will be participating in an event that means a great deal to me--the Northwoods Relay for Life here in Eagle River. Many areas around the country sponsor these relays with the goal of funding better treatment for cancer and ultimately to find a cure for cancer.

As many of you know 3 years ago I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. To say the least iIwas bowled over by this diagnosis but began a journey which, while difficult, I now consider to be a blessing. There are relays back home in Florida, but I choose this one because after informing St. Peter's and the other churches here that I could not help out in 2006 because of the need to seek treatment, I was deeply touched by the outpouring of love, prayers and support that came from parishioners up here.

I am grateful to God and to many people as I enter my third year of being a cancer survivor. I benefited by several advances in treatment as I chose a routine of radiation beam therapy and radioactive seed implants to treat the cancer. I especially want to thank Dr. Frank Franzese and the wonderful people at St. Anthony Cancer care center in St. Petersburg and at Wellspring Oncology Center which Dr. Franzese and his associates have since formed. I am deeply grateful as well to all the people who helped me to make this a time of emotional and spiritual growth as well.

A final, but very important word to all is please, please, please go for regular cancer screenings be it prostate checks, mamogram, colonoscopy or whatever. No matter how good treatment is it won't do much good if the cancer is not detected early. In addition I urge one and all to try to eat right and exercise and do the other things that reduce the likelihood of cancer ocurring.

I will never ask for money for myself on this blog but if y ou would like to donate to our relay team click on the site below marked off with the purple letters. Unfortunately someone needs to be a bit more specific on the team page but you can click on the Donate button at the top (not the one on the side) and then follow directions. If you with to mention my name place an entry in the personal reflection section.

Thanks very much! Fr. John

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St. Peter's Walkers With Soul

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