Monday, November 6, 2017

Enough!!! But What to do?

   I am practically speechless after another mass murder, this time in a Church.  What are we to do?  The answer to that question cannot be a simplistic one size fits all thing and if anyone else says, "Our thoughts and prayers go out to them, " I will scream.

   Of course I do pray every time that these horrors happen and prayer is important, but if it does not lead to action it is in vain.

   What actions?  For one thing some level of gun  control and please stop quoting the second amendment.  That misses the point.   Without repealing that amendment limits can be placed on the sale of various weapons.  Shame on the NRA for not realizing that. And please, enough of "guns don't kill, people do"   That is true as far as it goes but it's more difficult to kill scores of people with a knife of some other weapon.

   But let's not be simplistic. Gun control laws alone are only part of the fix.  There is a mental health issue as well.  All too many of these murderers have had serious mental health issues. There is no perfect screening system but we can do better. 

  Deep down, however,  the issue is a spiritual problem that won't be fixed be just saying prayers.  As a country we need to face the level of anger that is about, anger that is expressed not only in shootings but in hate speech, racism and all sorts of phobias around different types of people.  We need to look inside ourselves and ask God to help us heal the deep-seated anger that is in many of us.  We most certainly can and will have disagreements about politics and religion.  This is part of the greatness of America, but we need to learn anew how to disagree without being hateful. Most Americans will never commit an act of gun violence or any other type of violence but I have seen frequent examples of people shouting each other down over all kinds of things.

  We in the clergy of all faiths need to address this in our preaching.  We also need to speak out against a distorted expression of Christianity that puts guns, the Bible and the flag all together.

  I write these words not as a liberal or as a conservative, but as a Catholic Christian. I also have no illusion that these words will solve anything, but hopefully they point us in a direction



  1. Father,
    I understand your pain, and I understand what you are trying to convey. But I disagree on your second amendment views. Our second amendment was put in place to keep us safe from the mass killings of our own government. One does not have to search far to find reports of mass killings of defenseless people numbering in the thousands and millions.
    We have become a divided nation of hate. People are taught if you disagree with another's views you hate them. The racists are the ones screaming racism, avoid these people. As a nation we need to turn off our televisions, drop our hateful music, and stop with the hateful movies and talk with our neighbors. Social organizations are at an all time low, people would rather hide on the internet than strike up a conversation with someone they might not agree with. These are sad times indeed. I believe the solution is dialog of the people not the talking heads on our sad little news networks. We as a people can rise above this. Sorry for the poor use of the English language my excuse is I wasn't an English major :)

    1. I made it clear that I am not against the second amendment. I don't believe, however, that the amendment forbids all reasonable gun control.