Friday, September 11, 2015

Louis and Laurie--A Sacrament

  One of the special blessings of being a priest is the privilege of sharing in special family moments.  I had one such moment last night when I witnessed the marriage of my niece Laurie to her husband Louis Strazzulo at Sacred Heart Church in Boston's North End.

   We Catholics call marriage a sacrament.  What does that mean?  Most think that it simply means that a priest or deacon blesses the couple on their wedding day.  That's part of it, but it is so much more.  Matrimony is the only sacrament not given by the priest.  The couple confer the sacrament on each other, not only on their wedding day, but every day of their lives.  In doing so they are a sign to all of us of Christ's love for His people, of God's love for all of us. Each couple is unique and different and reflects that love in their own way.

           Laurie and Louis have known each other for a few years. At first they were "just friends".  It all grew from there and I think that the good Lord had a hand in all of that. I'm sure that they will have a wonderful life together and will bring wonderful children into the world.

   Their wedding reception was held at a hotel on the Boston waterfront.  Given that it was Labor Day weekend there were fireworks during the dinner.  We interrupted the fine meal and went out to see the fireworks.

   I think that when 2 people marry fireworks should always go off. I think that God would like that.

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