Friday, May 15, 2015

On to the Summer, or Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Double Rainbow over St. Peter's Eagle River, WI (2013)

   Occasionally I like to use this blog to give a glimpse into my life.  The summertime is always a change of pace for me.Parishes don't book missions during the summer so those of us in the Ministry of the Word seek out other opportunities for ministry, most often by helping out in parishes  For many years that meant heading to St. Peter the Fisherman Parish in Eagle River, WI.  That was a wonderful experience and I miss the people there.  I'm glad to be in contact with some of them on Facebook.

   This year there are a variety of stops on my summertime journey.  In June I will be traveling to Trujillo, Honduras to participate in a mission trip with the folks from Christ the King Parish in Little Rock, Arkansas.
Dedication of a new church in Maranones, Honduras 2012
 This will be my fourth time to make this trip and I look forward to being with the other missionaries and with the wonderful people of Honduras as well.  Naturally I will get there on a plane and fly from there to New Jersey to participate in the 50th Anniversary Mass of my friends Joe and Pat Eitner.  I have known them for 40 of those 50 years and it will truly be a joyful celebration with them and a wonderful group of family and friends.

Boarding the Auto Train last year.
   In mid-July I will board the Amtrak Auto-Train in Sanford, FL and travel up to Lorton, VA.  Once in the northern part of our country I will drive (automobile) to Erie, PA to preach a retreat to the Sisters of St. Joseph there.   From Erie I will drive to New Jersey and Boston for some vacation time and take the train back at the end of the month.

  Besides the driving up north the car will get a good workout here in Florida as I assist in two different parishes, St. Anne's in Ruskin, FL and San Pedro in Key Largo, FL

   The high point of the coming months will be traveling back to Boston to celebrate the marriage of my niece Laurie to her wonderful fiance' Louis Strazzulo.  That will take place at Sacred Heart Church in  Boston's North End.
Louis and Laurie

   After that it's back to Florida and a return to my not so ordinary ordinary routine of traveling around preaching missions and retreats.

   Finally one great feature of all this moving around is that there will still be several weeks where I am back in St. Petersburg with my friar community. As much as I enjoy the travel I need to be with my brothers, to pray with them and enjoy time with them, especially over an adult beverage.


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