Tuesday, June 10, 2014

More Pictures, More Stories

  After another busy day here in Trujillo and surrounding towns great tings continue to happen. Yesterday our evangelization team went to Maranones in the morning followed by a visit to Carney-Guadaloupe in the afternoon where we did one of our encuentros. Today found us in Santa Fe which is home to the Garifuna people here.  They are a wonderful people whose origins are in Africa. Their forebears shipwrecked on the way to becoming slaves in what is now Haiti.  The survivors ended up on an island where they were chased off by the British.  They found their way to the coast of Central America.  They are Hondurans. they speak Spanish, but they have also maintained their own language and culture.  Some of the pictures show us in Santa Fe.  Enjoy.

Gathering for an encuentro Mass at Carney

People waiting at clinic in maranones

Our leader, Sandee Haslauer with Hector Mendoza, our Honduran leader

Deacon Don Greenway, Myself and Fr. John Marconi at encuentro Mass

Wonderful attendance at Encuentro Mass

Santa Fe Garifuna woman baking coconut bread loves

Back at Maranones with people waiting for clinic service gathered in prayer

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