Saturday, January 4, 2014

Jamaica, Part Two

Very Typical spot along the road in Jamaica
 After the retreat for the sisters here in Jamaica I was treated to 3 days of touring to see the country and its natural beauty and to visit some of the ministry sites of the sisters here.  In this first group of pictures I went with several Franciscan sisters from the Philippines who work here and with Sr. Grace Yap, an Allegheny Franciscan to visit a cooperative organic farm that Sr. Grace is beginning as well as a student center in the town of Brees River where students can go after school to do homework and receive tutoring. The canter is partially funded by Bread for the world.  Both projects are part of the many things that Sr. Grace is involved with. We went there on January 1 in the evening for a New Year's Day appreciation banquet.
Beds for plants at Sr. Grace's Portiuncula Farm

Worker's house at Portiuncula Farm

With two of the Filipino Sisters outside student center
The pictures here are captioned and pretty much speak for themselves.

   The name of the Farm, Portiuncula Farm, is from the name of the first Franciscan church and friary in Assisi dedicated to Our lady of thge Angels but popularly called the Portiuncula, or little portion.  Sr. Grace explains that just as the whole Franciscan order sprang from that first little portion, so wonderful things will grow from this farm
Typical Jamaican homes in Brees river

Getting ready for the New Year appreciation banquet at student center

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