Friday, February 3, 2012

Just Say No

   As I wait at Tampa airport for the flight which will take me to Little Rock for a retreat to the Arkansas Knights of Columbus and their wives I have decided to post here on a topic which has been on my mind for the past few weeks.  As most readers of this blog know the Obama administration through the department of Health and Human Services has issued an edict mandating coverage of contraceptives at Catholic hospitals.

   Those who disagree with the Church's teaching on this subject may think that this is no problem, or that it is good.  Stop!  Think!  Whatever one may think of the Catholic Church's teaching on contraceptives it is up to us Catholics to debate the matter with church leaders.  When government sticks its foot in the door and tells any church to do something which violates its teaching I believe that it is unconstitutional.  I would encourage people to write to the president expressing your concern about this matter.

   Just to be fair I'm not sure that this edict is the deliberate assault on freedom that some say it is. Nonetheless it gets the government into the door of a room in which it does not belong.

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