Sunday, March 6, 2011

Video Reflection, Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time

After a long absence from You Tube I am giving it another try.  One bit of feedback that I received received previously was that while folks liked my material they thought it might be shorter. YouTube allows 10 minutes per clip, but that doesn't mean it has to be filled.  This one lasts only 3 and one half minutes.  It is a brief reflection on the readings for the Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time. I hope you view it and find it helpful.


  1. Great Job, Father John. Mind if I borrow the Barrymore story for a future homily? Ha.

    The length was great and the video quality good (not to mention that the message was right on target). My only suggestion would be to choose a less cluttered background. Could you film in the chapel or right in front of your bookshelf? Seeing the bed and nightstand behind you and the light on the door was a bit distracting.

    Dc. Dan Hennessey

  2. Great story and video Father! I will take your suggestion to heart.