Friday, September 10, 2010

On the Lighter Side--From Pines to Palms

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After several posts about Catholic and Muslims I thought that I would post something on the lighter side.  I have finished up my summer in Eagle River and will be heading to nearby Florence, WI to preach a parish mission, then head home to Florida.  Some have asked me about my references to the "Northwoods".  Exactly what is it. Basically it is a large stretch of northern Wisconsin that is a beautiful land of tall pines and lakes,  as well as a good deal of white and yellow birch and maples. Deer are abundant, and it is not uncommon to see a bear or a fox while traveling about. In the pictures above you can see evidence of that as well as of the early fall colors here in September.

As I head back to Florida and Tampa Bay with its wide assortment of palms and the possibility of taking a walk on which I might encounter dolphins, wild parrots and pelicans, I realize how blessed I am to be so close to the beauty of nature, in different ways, throughout the year.  I will have a posting soon on Catholics and ecology, with memories of both the northwoods and Florida very much in mind.

I will not be posting again until I get back to Florida later this month, so God bless until then.

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