Friday, February 19, 2010

A Growing Church

It is very interesting to realize that our Church is growing in numbers in this country even though within the Church there is anger towards bishops and priests and a lot of bickering about liturgy, liturgical language, the role of women, etc. The Diocese of Atlanta has so many new members coming in on Holy Saturday that the Rite of Election will be held this Sunday at the city's Civic Center rather than at the Cathedral to accommodate the large numbers expected to be there. We are the largest single denomination in the US.

Why is this? I think that is because the faithful people who keep showing up as well as the newcomers who are drawn to us see beyond the externals to what lies deeper behind them. They see the Church to which I was referring in last week's entry entitled,the Church I Love. They experience the mystery of people of faith united in Christ.

It has been said that the greatest proof that the Church is guided by the Spirit is the ineptness and weakness of its leaders. Depending on human resources alone we would have gone down long ago. Wouldn't it be wonderful to say that the leaders help the spirit to work. Many if not most of them do but we need more on board.

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