Monday, January 25, 2010

A Well Deserved Award

Holy Name Province of the Franciscans, to which I belong, has over the past twenty years encouraged us friars to not only promote lay involvement but to "partner" with the laity in all of our ministries. By way of backing up this commitment our province since 1998 has given ministries the opportunity to award the Francis medal to those lay people who make outstanding contributions to our life and ministry.

Many of you have commented favorably on the fact the we in the Franciscan Ministry of the Word preach in Spanish as well as English. One of the reasons for our success in this endeavor is Mr. Pete Suarez of Miami to whom we gave the Francis Medal this past Saturday at a dinner in his honor here at St. Anthony Friary.

Rod Petrie and Marty Bednar of our team met Pete back in the early 90's. Pete not only introduced them to various pastors in the Miami area but also became involved as a lay preacher. Pete has been doing that ever since. He also became involved with us on a province wide level, serving as a member of our Hispanic Ministry Committee for several years and participating in several province wide convocations for ministry. In addition to his work with us Pete, who by profession is a plumbing contractor, has earned an MA in Theology and teaches part time at the college seminary of the Archdiocese of Miami. He is likewise involved in his home parish.

At the award dinner Pete was accompanied by his wonderful wife Hilda and four other couples, all of whom are wonderful Catholic Christians and examples of how laity can make a difference in the Church and the world. Congratulations Pete.

In the picture above Pete is pictured with his wife, Hilda, Rod Petrie and John Anglin, to their left, and Marty Bednar on the right.


  1. Fr. John,read in the paper about the Pope and having priests have their own blogs. Yes you are in front of this for sometime now.

    Bob D

  2. He well deserves it and he should be admitted as a tertiary and given the privilege to be buried with the venerable franciscan habit.
    Fr. Ricardo

  3. I have known Pete Suarez for close to 25 years and it still amazes me his great commitment to the church and to the evangelization ministry. It also calls my attention his great love for all of you (he really talks a lot about his Franciscan family) and it always makes him happy to be among you. THANKS for awarding him the St. Francis medal. He does deserve it!
    Sr. Isabel Ordono (one of Pete's good friends)