Friday, June 26, 2009

Getting focused

Over the past two months this blog has become a truly exciting adventure for me. As it has evolved and the viewer list keeps growing some questions have been raised in my mind regarding what direction, what focus will this blog take.

I received many positive e-mails on my Corpus Christi homily as well as some constructive criticism which I intend to put into practice. As people started asking me however if "next Sunday's homily will be onyour blog and YouTube page Fr. John,"I stopped and thought, "Is that what I want to do?" Though I was flattered by the desire to have my homilies available, I realized that at this time I was not in a position to that every week, or even almost every week.

What I have realized more clearly is that this blog is intended to be an extension of my ministry as a member of the Franciscan Ministry of the Word (MOW). What is it that we in the MOW try to do. While some of my brother friars my use different words to answer that question my way of answering it is this--We try to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in such a way that people will come to see how God is involved in the nitty-gritty of their everyday lives.

With that in mind my entries on this blog will have that focus. I will post on YouTube some short versions of the talks presented on parish missions and hope to have some video clips from my brother friars as well as others who preach the Word. I will occasionally put up a Sunday homily and will comment on my own experience of meeting people and seeing how the good Lord is at work in their lives.

My first video reflection--A God of Tremendous love can be seen on my YouTube page

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