Thursday, March 24, 2011

Third Sunday of Lent--Living Water

I'm continuing to post video clips containing very brief homilies for the Sundays of Lent.  This weeks text is John 4, 1-42, the encounter with the Samaritan Woman at the well. I urge you to read that text and have it in front of you as you watch the clip.  This week I was able to put the clip here on the blog but I think that the full screen image is clearer on YouTube, so try click it on here :Third Sunday of Lent

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Second Sunday of Lent--Transfiguration

Once again I offer a brief video homily for a Lenten Sunday.  I had difficulty uploading it to this blog so just click the YouTube connection below.  It is also available on my face-book page which you can access on the right side of this page.

Second Sunday of Lent--Homily

Saturday, March 12, 2011

First Sunday of Lent--Temptation

I welcome feedback and comments from all who view this.  Thanks for the response from last week

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Music for the Soul--An Ash Wednesday Reflection

  I am at home this week at St. Anthony Friary as we begin Lent. I presided at the community Mass this morning and this afternoon took a quiet walk, thinking of many things.  We have yet another sex abuse bombshell, this time in Philadelphia, and we have many examples of Church leaders that are just out of touch.  Yes, there are many wonderful ones as well.  I wonder, "What keeps me going as a priest and friar?"  "What keeps good people coming to Church?" Why are so many joining the Church?"--Yes, RCIA programs in recent years report significant numbers.  Last year the diocese of Atlanta had to hire an auditorium to accomodate the rite of election. Why?  The answer of course is the great Mystery of Faith on which the Church is grounded and that no human follies can destroy.
  I was pondering all of this as my IPod meditative music playlist brought me to one of my favorite religious classical pieces, Mozart's Ave Verum Corpus.  In many ways Mozart himself was a microcosm of the Church, an extremely gifted man who enjoyed the good things of life, who is certainly not a candidate for canonization, yet who had a deeply Catholic soul which is expressed in much of his music.  This piece reaches deep into my heart and soul, raises me to heaven, and brings me back to earth renewed and ready to move ahead.  It has done so ever since I was a student in formation.  It did not fail me today--I listened three times. Even if you do not understand the Latin I invite you to let the music take hold of you. If you do understand the Latin it is a beautiful summary of the essentials of our faith.  Just click on:
Mozart's Ave Verum Corpus 

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Video Reflection, Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time

After a long absence from You Tube I am giving it another try.  One bit of feedback that I received received previously was that while folks liked my material they thought it might be shorter. YouTube allows 10 minutes per clip, but that doesn't mean it has to be filled.  This one lasts only 3 and one half minutes.  It is a brief reflection on the readings for the Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time. I hope you view it and find it helpful.

Moving Out and Moving Ahead Cautiosly