Friday, August 21, 2009

Play Nice, The Health Care Debate

Though not a parent I have been a first hand witness to the challenges of raising children while visiting the homes of friends, parishioners, etc. Very often siblings will get into an argument which ends up basically like this, "You're stupid." "You're more stupid." After a while one of the kids yells out "Mom, he called my stupid and the other chimes in, he/she called me stupid first."

I'm sure that any of you who are parents know the drill. It is to be expected of five and six year olds. Unfortunately that is basically how the health care debate is being carried out by many so-called adults.

Health care is an important issue not only politically but also morally and spiritually. Going to meetings held by politicians and simply yelling out names will not get the job done. I think that we should ask to see specific proposals and let our leaders know why we agree or disagree with them. We need to avoid hearsay accusations and fear tactics and show our displeasure with those on either side who approach the debate in this way. We also need to be guided by our faith and not just our political leanings in making our own decision about this matter. I found some principles put forth by the Catholic Medical Association helpful in this regard.Just click on the highlighted spot below to go to their web site.
Catholic Medical Association

One final thought. Though the Medical association don't address the public option I do know that our Church teaches in various papal encyclicals as well as in letters, etc from local bishops that a society (not necessarily the government) must ensure that all people must have access to affordable health care. Based on that I do believe that if there is not a public option (which I favor) there must be some means of seeing to it that health care is available to all.

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